Psalms 36–38: The Ungodly & God

Read the Bible in 2011 ◊ Week 13: Wednesday

The wicked plots against the righteous
And gnashes at him with his teeth.
The Lord laughs at him,
For He sees his day is coming.

Psalm 37:12–13

Through David’s psalms in Wednesday’s Bible reading of Psalms 36–38, God teaches us some things we need to know about the wicked.

In Psalm 36, David begins with a description of the ungodly:

“The words of his mouth are wickedness and deceit;
He has ceased to be wise and to do good.
He plans wickedness upon his bed;
He sets himself on a path that is not good;
He does not despise evil.”
Psalm 36:3–4

Have you ever thought about the word ungodly? It obviously means ‘not like God’. And we’re not left in any doubt as to what God is like because David next turns to describing who God is, and he speaks of God’s lovingkindness, faithfulness, righteousness and judgment. He closes this psalm by asking God to keep him from the wicked.

In Psalm 37, David offers us some perspective on the wicked so that we won’t fret or become envious when we see him prosper in his wicked schemes. He tells us that God will take care of the righteous and will judge the wicked and that we are to trust in God and hope in Him because He will be our strength in time of trouble and help us and deliver us from the wicked.

Psalm 38 is a psalm written at a time when David is in deep sorrow over his own sin. He pleads to God for help from those who hate him and who would destroy him; they oppose him because he “follows what is good.” He ends by praying:

“Do not forsake me, O LORD;
O my God, do not be far from me!
Make haste to help me,
O Lord, my salvation!”
Psalm 38:21–22

Don’t be surprised at what the ungodly are like or their actions. Remember who God is: His lovingkindness, His faithfulness, His righteousness and His judgment; and don’t fret, but trust in Him.

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Original content: Copyright ©2011 Iwana Carpenter

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