“My servant Job”

In the heading at the top,  “My servant Job”, is a page containing my posts on Job. I’ll be adding to it as I write more on the book.

There’s a subheading under it titled, Help & Comfort, in which I’ve gathered a list of posts on adversity and suffering in the hope of offering you validation and comfort if you need lovingkindness in your life. They were written over a span of many months and differ in nature and focus. They include posts on the Bible, prayer, poetry and reflections on suffering and thoughts on ministry. In their variety I pray you will find words that bring you validation, help and consolation.

Suffering & Lovingkindness, was written after the posts on Job 1–26 (you can find links to these in the link above this one in the banner heading titled, “My servant Job”), and in it I wrote some of my thoughts on the most important ways to help someone who is suffering—to answer the question, “How do you show lovingkindness to someone in despair?”

May the Lord be with you, comfort you and strengthen you.

With love,

Heart Icon, Bagande: Public Domain.

Original content: Copyright ©2011 Iwana Carpenter

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