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I’ve been moving a few things around the past couple of days. The post that is “sticky” is Anchor of Hope; a post I wrote during the first month of the blog that’s the second most read post of all that I’ve written. I did some needed revision because it continues to be read, and I put this new version at the top of the current front page. (August 15th note: it’s now back in the archives).

If you’re new to navigating blogs, a sticky post is stuck there until I change it! You can tell if a post is sticky if there’s a thin black line above it (other blogs may be different). I make a post sticky from time to time if I want to highlight it. If there’s no black line, then the most recently written post is at the top.

In the header at the top you’ll see some titles across the black stripe. These are pages and stay accessible from the front page unless I change them. When you move your mouse over them, you’ll see that some have more pages listed underneath. These are child pages under a parent page. Some of the pages are collections of posts. I also made Anchor of Hope a page yesterday, and it will be there when as a post it’s no longer sticky after Friday, August 12th, but back in the archives.

If this is clear as mud, or if there are things in the side bar or at the footer you don’t understand, just let me know, and I’ll be glad to explain!

Broom: Public Domain.

Original content: Copyright ©2011 Iwana Carpenter

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