Pardon the Dust!

…and confusion as I change some things around and do a little housekeeping.

I’ve tweaked a few things in the past, but Kindling for Candles has had the same basic look since I started blogging over 11 years ago. This week I’m changing over to a new theme to give things a fresher and cleaner look.

It will take a while to do cleanup and reformat photos so bear with me. This is the 871st post I’ve published. Too many to redo easily! I’ll also be doing some editing, and probably a little deleting.

So bear with me if something looks weird or confusing! I hope you enjoy the new look!

I’ve bumped my very first post Welcome! to the top. If you’re a new reader—or a returning reader who never saw this first post—it will tell you what Kindling for Candles is all about and why I chose the name!

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