October Posts

In September I started posting everyday because my plan was to finish closing the gaps in the posts for Spring and Summer Quarters in Read the Bible in 2011 by Thanksgiving.* I’ve found, however, that I’m a slower writer than I’d like to be, and the time it takes to pray, read, research, think and pray some more, write, and then format each post is swallowing up the rest of my life.

It sometimes takes me two days to write a post. I fre­quently need to mull things over and think about what I should say, and it will come together the next day.

I really, really want you to learn to read and study your Bible. God’s Word will keep you and grow you because it’s God’s Word. It’s truth—about who God is and who you are. We have to go back to it again and again to remake our minds from the echoes of our past and from the drumbeats of the present.

The unfolding of Your words gives light;
It gives understanding to the simple.
Psalm 119:130

I do intend on finishing the Read the Bible posts, but at a slower pace. I’ll be working on finishing up Job next week, and then I’ll probably be going back to a Tuesday and Friday posting either next week or the week after that until the holidays when I do my annual Thanksgiving and Christmas music posts.

During the holidays at Thanksgiving there are some posts I edit and republish. One especially was a milestone for me in my walk with the Lord.

This weekend I’m going to bump to the top of the front page a post I wrote in October 2011, almost ten years ago: Psalm 119: A Lamp & A Light. I hope you’ll take time over the weekend to read the psalm and then read the post.* I so want you to come to His Word to know God and to see Him as He truly is. I will be praying for you!

Still-life with Books and Globe: David Teniers the Younger. Public domain.
*Sunday evening, October 3, 2021: I’m taking Psalm 119: A Lamp & A Light off the front page. You can still find it at the link.
1Spiros Zodhiates, ed., The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament (World Bible Publishers, Inc., Iowa Falls IA: 1992) 1191.

*If you’re catching up and wondering why I’m talking about ten-year-old posts, in 2011 I started a year-long series of posts, Read the Bible in 2011. You can find the posts in the navigation menu in the header under Bible. That year was such a difficult one for me and my family, there are some posts without links. On those days my posts were simply reminders about the reading. I’m filling in some of those gaps with new posts with “Read the Bible in 2011 Redux” as a category.

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