September 29 Update on Philippians

When I was writing about the daily Bible readings of Read the Bible in 2011, I didn’t post on the two readings in Paul’s letter to the Philippians. I had already put up a number of posts on the letter during December of 2010, but I recently decided to also fill in those gaps for 2011. This is the post on the first two chapters of the book:

Philippians 1–2: Joy & Love

I will leave it up as “sticky” for a few days so it will temporarily stick to the top of the front page, before I “unstick” it, and “stick” the other post on the Philippians reading at the top. After each one is removed from the top, it will then be located at the same link in the 2011 archives.

I will be deleting the Philippians page from its former location under the parent page, “Love One Another.” These posts, along with the others I’ve written on Philippians, are located under the Bible parent page in the header. Philippians: ‘Jesus our Joy’ introduces the series, and the other posts will listed to its right with links also found in the introduction.

UPDATE: Philippians 3–4: Joy & Peace is now the sticky post.

UPDATE 2: Philippians 1–2: Joy & Love and Philippians 3–4 are now in the archives.
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